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     Manufacturing and supplying heat exchangers since 1975 , more than 1,000 units in large capacity heat exchangers


 Thin Plate Type Heat Exchanger
   (t 0.6 - 2.3 mm Element)

Thick Plate Type Heat Exchanger
  (t 3.0 - 6.0 mm Element for
   heavy dusts)

Plate type  heat exchanger
  ( for Gas - Liquid)

Radiant type heat exchanger
Doubly cylindrical or cage type
  ( Temp. 800-1,400

Tube type heat exchanger

 (Bare tube, Shell&tube type)

Wave plate type heat exchanger

Fin tube type heat exchanger


Auxiliary equipment




Plate type heat exchanger( flat plate, whole welded type)
: for exhausted gas/gas - air/gas heat exchange,
 for temp. : Max. 800℃ pressure :Max. 30kPa,  Thin plate type or thicker plate type
 Materials of element : SUS304, SUS316L, S-TEN, COR-TEN, NAS155N for anticorrosion
 To be used as Air pre-heater , White smoke prevention, Dioxin emission protection, mainly


Radiant type heat exchanger
: for exhausted gas/gas - air/gas heat exchange,
for temp.
: 800-1,400℃ in high temp. side、 temp. :heating to Max. 800℃ in low temp side
Materials: SUS310S with special treatmet
 Doubly cylindrical type, or Tube type ( coil type or strait tube type)


Tube type heat exchanger
Max. 950℃ in high temp. side, Max. 800℃ in low temp side
    Materials : Tube: STPT, SUS304, 316L, 310S,  for high operation pressure.

  Shell & tube type cylindrical type or box type for gas-gas heat exchange  
  Spiral tube type, Coil tube type: for high pressure
   Channel type, U-tube type for temp.:600-1,000℃ in high temp. side Max 800℃ in low temp. side, press.:5kPa


Wave plate type heat exchanger (Whole welded type): For Liquid-Liquid、Liquid-Gas、Gas-Gas in low or middle
pressure,  Combination of double side wave element(t0.6mm)、Pressure:Max 300 kPa


Finned tube type heat exchanger
 : For Liquid- Gas of high pressure, 
Steam- Air/gas
Materials: Tube :STPT, SUS304, 316L, Cupper, Fin : Al

Condenser  : Cooling the exhausted gas ( steam or dust rich) by water or steam for condensing water steam 


Auxiliary equipment :Dust removal equipment, Spray nozzle, root blower 、Square flexible duct 


 Selection of heat exchanger , in price basis

    Application  Flat plate type    Wave plate   Tube type  Finned tube type   Radiant type
Gas-Gas/Air  (middle pressure     ◎      ○    
Gas-Gas/Air (high pressure)        ◎    ○  
 Gas/Air-Steam    ○      ○    ◎  
Gas-Liquid/water    ○      ○    ◎  
  Liquid-Liquid      ◎    ○      
High temp.(800℃ or more) Gas        ○      ◎
With dust removal    ◎        

 Photos after finishing manufacturing.